• Would you like to understand how chronic pain works in relation to a digestive health condition such as irritable bowel syndrome? 

  • Are you curious about how your beliefs and expectations of pain can impact your experience of pain?

  • Do you want to learn tips about how you can help reduce your chronic abdominal pain? 

In this FREE WEBINAR, Mark B. Weisberg, PhD, discusses how chronic pain related to digestive health conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome impacts our nervous system, and how our beliefs and expectations related to chronic pain changes our experience of that pain. Dr. Weisberg shares hope that you can improve your chronic abdominal pain and demonstrates breathing and grounding techniques shown to reduce pain intensity. He also shares answers to commonly asked questions regarding chronic pain to help you pursue better management of your abdominal pain symptoms.


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Alara Tiernan

Loved the stories, quotes, kindness and expertise of this speaker. Feeling more confident and hopeful with each program from GI OnDEMAND.

Loved the stories, quotes, kindness and expertise of this speaker. Feeling more confident and hopeful with each program from GI OnDEMAND.

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In this informational webinar, you will:

  • How chronic pain differs from acute or injury-based pain

  • How extended periods of chronic pain alter the sensitivity of our central nervous systems

  • Why both normal pain relievers and narcotic pain medications don’t help chronic abdominal pain

  • How our beliefs and expectations of pain can alter our pain experiences

  • How you can reduce your chronic pain through a variety of techniques, including gentle exercise, rest, and breathing exercises

  • Why there is hope for improving your chronic abdominal pain!

Meet Your Instructor

Mark B. Weisberg, PhD

Dr. Mark Weisberg is a Board-Certified Clinical Health Psychologist in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is Adjunct Community Faculty, Academic Health Center, University of Minnesota. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and American Academy of Clinical Health Psychology. Additionally, he is a past president of the Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis and past vice-president of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

He has worked at the Minnesota Head and Neck Pain Clinic in St Paul MN for over 30 years , and maintains an independent practice in Minneapolis MN.

Dr. Weisberg has been involved in clinical practice and consultation in integrative mind-body medicine and treatment of chronic physical conditions for over 30 years and teaches nationally and internationally on these topics. He has many publications in the medical, dental, and psychological scientific literature. He is the co-author of Trust Your Gut: Get Lasting Healing from IBS and Other Chronic Digestive Problems Without Drugs (Conari Press), a consumer book on integrative treatment of digestive disorders.