• Are you interested in understanding more about obesity, weight management, or weight loss? 

  • Do you know your weight may be impacting your GI health?  

    Would you like to hear perspectives on obesity and weight from a variety of health care professionals?  

  • Would you like to hear perspectives on obesity and weight from a variety of health care professionals?  

In this FREE webinar, Austin Chiang (MD, MPH) moderates a discussion with expert panelists Sigh Pichamol Jirapinyo (MD), Beth Rosen (MS, RD), and Megan Riehl (PsyD). They discuss the impacts of weight on GI health and how various health care providers including gastroenterologists, nutritionists, and health psychologists can assist with weight loss goals. Alternative perspectives such as the Health At Every Size® approach are also discussed!

In this informational webinar, you will learn about:

  • The relationship between obesity, weight, and GI health

  • Advancements in bariatric surgery for management of obesity

  • Lifestyle and behavioral interventions for weight loss or management

  • The importance of nutrition and movement to a healthy lifestyle, regardless of body size

  • How a diverse team of health psychologists, nutritionists, and gastroenterologists can help you achieve your health goals

Meet The Experts

Austin Chiang, MD, MPH

Austin Chiang, MD, MPH, is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Jefferson Health (Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals) in Philadelphia, PA, and serves as the Director of the Endoscopic Weight Loss Program. Dr. Chiang's interests include novel endoscopic weight loss treatments as well as interventional endoscopic procedures used for the diagnosis and treatment of various gastrointestinal conditions and their complications. He earned a medical degree from Columbia University and completed fellowships in gastroenterology and advanced endoscopy at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals and Brigham and Women's Hospital, respectively.


Megan E. Riehl, PsyD

Dr. Megan Riehl is a GI psychologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine who specializes in psychogastroenterology and anxiety related-disorders. She is the Clinical Director of the GI Behavioral Health Program at the University of Michigan. At Michigan Medicine, Dr. Riehl has a robust clinical practice, conducts research in the area of psychogastroenterology and offers a state of the art GI psychology training program in the form of a formal post-doctoral fellowship or brief trainings for mental health providers.

She is the Director of Behavioral Health Services and Support for Gastro Girl, INC and GI OnDemand. Dr. Riehl is the co-chair for the ROME Foundation Psychogastroenterology Education and Training committee and participates on two national committees pertaining to the psychosocial aspects of IBD with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.

Beth Rosen, MS, RD

Beth Rosen is a Non-Diet Registered Dietitian, practicing nutrition for Gastrointestinal disorders and disordered eating issues from a Health At Every Size® approach. She is the owner of Beth Rosen Nutrition in Southbury, Connecticut and works with clients virtually.

Beth received a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from the University of Maryland at College Park and my Master’s degree in Nutrition Education from Columbia University, Teachers College, in New York City.

Her expertise lies in helping clients find relief from digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Disease (IBS) and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Gastroparesis, Colitis, and GERD, as well as share her knowledge as a GI Dietitian with other health professionals via webinars, seminars, and mentoring. She has designed techniques and programs to empower chronic dieters, disordered eaters, and those in eating disorder recovery to mend their relationship with food and their bodies.

Besides working with clients individually, she offers online courses, speaks at corporate wellness seminars and conferences for health professionals, as well as authoring articles for major online and print publications, such as HuffingtonPost and FabUPlus Magazine.

Pichamol Jirapinyo, MD, MPH

Pichamol Jirapinyo, MD, MPH, is an advanced endoscopist and bariatric endoscopist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where she serves as the Associate Director of Bariatric Endoscopy. Dr. Jirapinyo routinely performs primary endoscopic bariatric procedures and a range of endoscopic treatments of bariatric surgical complications, including weight regain or inadequate weight loss following bariatric surgery. Additionally, she routinely prescribes lifestyle intervention and FDA-approved weight loss medications for patients with obesity and metabolic diseases. She received a medical degree from Harvard Medical School, and completed gastroenterology, bariatric endoscopy and advanced endoscopy fellowships at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.